Stage expansion took precision and care for attention-getting auditorium makeover at Roger Bacon High School

dsc_0049-1024x678The project team at SFA Architects, Inc., anticipated some challenges in completing its stage expansion design and auditorium remodel at Cincinnati’s Roger Bacon High School.

A large platform, to be painted black, and trimmed with curved, natural wood, would extend out from the school’s existing stage. The radius was large, and because of contrasting colors, the lines where the wood met the platform needed to be executed with extreme care to create the correct visual.

But installing the Oak on a radius was not the biggest challenge, says Roy Young, quality control manager at Schumacher & Co. Custom Hardwood Floors – Carpetland’s hardwood division.  More intense, Young says, was working with the Plyron – a plywood sheathing – that was specified for the surface of the new platform.

“Preparing the sheets, laying them flat and sanding everything flat took longer than I anticipated,” Young says. “Another issue was how the paint finished out. There were sheen inconsistencies in the dry paint that led, in the end, to the need to top-coat it with polyurethane.”

Executing the curves

dsc_0154-1024x678Using the established front curve of the framing, Young’s team transferred the line in to the stage flooring, cut the curved line as needed to follow the contour, and installed the new oak nosing.  The nosing consisted of multiple, laminated layers of narrow strips of oak, assembled with glue and nails to create the curved front nosing.  Using narrow strips allows for the necessary ability to bend the oak and follow the contour.  The outer -most strip was profiled before installation.

“The craftsmanship exceeded our expectations, especially given the large radius with respect to allowable tolerances,” says architect Evan Eagle, SFA Architects project manager.

The Plyron, paint and waterborne polyurethane used all have third-party Indoor Air Quality Certifications, showing the products comply with safety limits set for Volatile Organic Compounds of concern.

“IAQ criteria was not a specific request of the client’s, however it is a model standard that SFA Architects set for renovation work adjacent to occupied spaces,” Eagle says.

Carpet tile completes the look

dsc_0178-678x1024Carpet tile, in a custom pattern, was used throughout the rest of the auditorium and lobby.

“It was a means to provide some acoustic absorption and also helped in tempering the existing gym floor acoustics as the original floor was left to remain with new carpet overlay.” Eagle says.

Also noteworthy, he says, is that “The carpet tile flooring extensions up the seating aisles and the associated flooring transition details were executed well.” ©

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